Vegetable stock used in organic cosmetic products, has to:
? to be cultivated in controlled bio- farms;
? to be harvested under bio-control in locations of its natural growth; Cultivation of ECO BIO cosmetics has to be carried out without:
? genetically modified seeds
? chemical fertilizers ? pesticides, fungicides, herbicides
?cultivation need to be carried out by eco-friendly harvesting machinery Treatment and processing of raw materials has to be carried out without:
? chemical, synthetic preservatives
? synthesized dyes
? synthesized stabilizers
? harmful technologies: atomic product tests, chemical preservation, gassing of products in vacuum packaging, product processing with phenol, radiation exposure
?when testing raw materials animal testing is prohibited
? it is prohibited to use animal-originated raw materials which have been produced harming animals, e.g. animal collagen, animal elastin etc.
? synthesized fragrances
? using storage packaging containing PVC and other halogen-containing polymers