ICEA Institute of Ethic Certification (ICEA) is the main certifying body of natural cosmetics (organic cosmetics, biocosmetics, ecocosmetics ) in Italy. Italian Association of Organic Agriculture (AIAB) and the Institute of Ethic Certification (ICEA), together with a group of manufacturers, have developed leading principles for natural and organic cosmetics. Cosmetics, meeting all the rigid requirements of certifying body, receives the status of Ťorganic? and the package has a corresponding marking: What does ICEA control? All stages of cosmetics manufacturing annually undergo a rigid system of certification. A whole range of other requirements to organic products is being inspected: ?absence of artificial additives, technologies of genetic engineering during manufacturing; ?everything concerning exhaust, waste, energy sources, transport and sanitary-hygienic standards is rigidly regulated; ?production and storage are being carried out in accordance with rigid ecological rules; ?ICEA inspections (audit) are carried out several times a year, with a trip to the production location; ?a special order of documentation is being implemented; it allows to monitor all the chain from raw materials producer to end consumer; all documentation registering raw material receipt, its processing and shipment of ready products undergoes an obligatory inspection.
How are plants cultivated and processed for organic cosmetics?